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Hops Varieties

If you are looking for information on hops for home brewing or making craft beers, we have a full list of varietals. Included are aroma and flavor profiles for the hops varietals. Included are the hops substitutions, and use by commercial and craft beers.

Growing Hops

Supplement your home brews with some home-made hops cones, just go for it. Hops plants are strong growers and are cultivated by brewers like you across the country. You can buy hops online, and have them shipped door to door. Hops are hearty enough to survive the transport and are eager to find a spot in your yard, field or farm.

Home Brewing

Homebrewing can be as simple as you make it. A very wise man once said "Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Homebrew". And its all true for making beer. There are many opportunities to take making beer to new levels if you choose, and you should. Whether you are starting, cultivating your brew skills, or just like reading check out the section on brewing beer.

Brewing Equipment

Brewing equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. You can use high-end stainless steel brewing kettles to simply the pots in your cabinets. It all works, but there are some basic things that you will need for making your batch of brew. If you making beer for the first time, you might want to try a brew kit, as it helps you get started with the essentials....but its important that you remember...relax!

Beer Ingredients

We have a section on the ingredients you need to make beer. Three ingredients plus water are all thats needed to make what the expert craft brewers make. For the experienced you can alter salt and ph levels among other things to adjust the wort and beer character. There are lots of options, and they all help to take the beer to new levels.