Origin and Description

AMARILLO® (‘VGXP01’ variety) hops originated in the U.S. and brings a relatively high alpha acid kick to the table ranging from 9% to 11%. This particular variety is packed with citrus aroma and flavor making it a great dual purpose hops. The myrcene oil content within the cone is some of the highest, and this explains its grapefruit and orange flavor. This myrcene level can also contribute a metallic flavor to the beer if used in abundance.

Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. introduced this grower's delight, that is tolerant to most common wilt and mildew diseases. Although it's yield is relatively low, VGXP01 hops is a fairly vigorous grower. VGXP01 hops are usually sold under the brand name AMARILLO® and is used in a number of commercial beers, showing that VGXP01 hops are applicable from American Wheat to Hoppy Reds.

About Virgil Gamache Farms Inc.

Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc. and its predecessors have been growing hops in the Yakima Valley of Washington state for nearly eighty years. We take great pride in our long history and our innovative hop products. We are particularly proud of our AMARILLO® brand ‘VGXP01’ hop products. Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc. developed the ‘VGXP01’ hop variety and owns U.S. patent and European plant variety rights for the variety. At harvest time, we walk our fields to hand select those ‘VGXP01’ hops that meet our high quality standards for aroma and flavor. Only the best ‘VGXP01’ hops are offered for sale under the AMARILLO® brand name. When a buyer purchases AMARILLO® brand hops and hop-related products, he or she is purchasing the experience and expertise of our farm, and is assured that he or she is getting the finest quality hop products available.

AMARILLO® Hops Usage

AMARILLO® hops has aromatic and bittering qualities.
AMARILLO® hops is commonly used for both its aromatic qualities as well as its bittering qualities.

AMARILLO® Hops Characteristics

Below is a list of characteristics for amarillo® hops that impact farming, chemistry, transport & trade, beer production, as well as the final character of the finished product.

AMARILLO® Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid Composition 8%-11%AMARILLO® Hops Alpha Acid Composition - 8 To 11 Percent
Beta Acid Composition 6%-7%AMARILLO® Hops Beta Acid Composition - 6 To 7 Percent
Co-Humulone Composition 21%-24%AMARILLO® Hops Co-Humulone Acid Composition - 21 To 24 Percent

AMARILLO® Hops Cone Physical Characteristics

AMARILLO® Lupulin ColorYellowYellow Lupulin Color for AMARILLO® Hops
AMARILLO® Cone SizeSmallAMARILLO® Hop - Small Cone Size
AMARILLO® Cone DensityCompactAMARILLO® Hops - Compact Cone Density

AMARILLO® Hops Growth, Harvest, and Storage Details

MaturityMid SeasonAMARILLO® Hops - Mid Season Maturity
YieldYield for AMARILLO® Hops is Low at 1200 - 1600 kg/hectare
AMARILLO® Hops - Low Crop Yields
Growth RateModerate to Vigorous
AMARILLO® Hops - Moderate to Vigorous Growth Rate
Susceptibility to Disease and PestsAMARILLO® Hops Resistance to Disease & Pests is Excellent
StorabilityAMARILLO® Hops maintains 6%-6% alpha acid comtents after 6 months storage at 20 degrees CAMARILLO® Hops Storability - Moderate
Ease of HarvestGoodAMARILLO® Hops - Good Pickability

AMARILLO® Hops Oil Composition

Total Oil Composition1.5-1.9 mls/100 gramsAMARILLO® Hops - Total Oil Compensation 1.5-1.9 mls
Myrcene Oil Composition68%-70%AMARILLO® Hops - Myrcene Oil Compensation 68-70 Percent
Humulene Oil Composition9%-11%AMARILLO® Hops - Humulene Oil Compensation 9-11 Percent
Caryophyllene Oil Composition2%-4%AMARILLO® Hops - Caryophyllene Oil Compensation 2-4 Percent.jpg
Farnesene Oil Composition2%-4%AMARILLO® Hops -Farnesene Oil Compensation 2-4 Percent

AMARILLO® Hops Substitutes

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Common Beer Styles for AMARILLO® Hops

    Beer Style
    American Pale Ale
    American India Pale Ale
    American Wheat

    AMARILLO® Hops Use in Commercial Beers

    WebsiteBrewing Company & Beer or Product
    Stone Brewing Company
    Vertical Epic Ale
    Green Flash Brewing Company
    Hop Head Red
    Rogue Brewing Company
    Brutal Bitter
    Southern Tier Brewing Company
    Hop Sun
    Clipper City Brewing Company
    Loose Cannon
    Three Floyds Brewing Company