Origin and Description

Ahhh yes...Ahtanum hops. Ahtanum was developed in the Ahtanum Creek Valley in Yakima County in Washington. Yakima Chief Ranches bred this aromatic hops variety that boasts a floral bouquet matched with citrus essence. The high amounts of both myrcene and caryophyllene both contribute to the sweet and slightly spicy, or peppery character of this somewhat lower yielding hops.

The alpha acid content comes in at 5.7%-6.3% which is low to moderate. Of the oils myrcene stands out making up 50%-55%. Ahtanum carries a strong aroma and is ideal for late additions to the boil or for dry hopping. Ahtanum will also provide a degree of bitterness making it useful for full boils as well. Its storability is only moderate, however is susceptibility to disease and fungus make it an excellent growing variety.

Ahtanum Hops Usage

Ahtanum hops is aromatic qualities.
Ahtanum hops is commonly used as as aroma agent in beer.

Ahtanum Hops Characteristics

Below is a list of characteristics for ahtanum hops that impact farming, chemistry, transport & trade, beer production, as well as the final character of the finished product.

Ahtanum Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid Composition 5.7%-6.3%Ahtanum Hops Alpha Acid Composition - 5.7 To 6.3 Percent
Beta Acid Composition 5%-6.5%Ahtanum Hops Beta Acid Composition - 5 To 6.5 Percent
Co-Humulone Composition 30%-35%Ahtanum Hops Co-Humulone Acid Composition - 30 To 35 Percent

Ahtanum Hops Cone Physical Characteristics

Ahtanum Lupulin ColorPale Yellow to YellowPale Yellow to Yellow Lupulin Color for Ahtanum Hops
Ahtanum Cone SizeSmallAhtanum Hop - Small Cone Size
Ahtanum Cone DensityCompactAhtanum Hops - Compact Cone Density

Ahtanum Hops Growth, Harvest, and Storage Details

MaturityMid to Late SeasonAhtanum Hops - Mid to Late Season Maturity
YieldYield for Ahtanum Hops is Low to Moderate at 1775 - 1950 kg/hectare
Ahtanum Hops - Low to Moderate Crop Yields
Growth RateModerate
Ahtanum Hops - Moderate Growth Rate
Susceptibility to Disease and Pests
Resistent To:
Downy Mildew, Peronospora,
Ahtanum Hops Resistance to Disease & Pests is Moderate to Excellent
StorabilityAhtanum Hops maintains 50%-55% alpha acid comtents after 6 months storage at 20 degrees CAhtanum Hops Storability - Poor to Moderate
Ease of HarvestGoodAhtanum Hops - Good Pickability

Ahtanum Hops Oil Composition

Total Oil Composition0.8-1.2 mls/100 gramsAhtanum Hops - Total Oil Compensation 0.8-1.2 mls
Myrcene Oil Composition50%-55%Ahtanum Hops - Myrcene Oil Compensation 50-55 Percent
Humulene Oil Composition16%-20%Ahtanum Hops - Humulene Oil Compensation 16-20 Percent
Caryophyllene Oil Composition9%-12%Ahtanum Hops - Caryophyllene Oil Compensation 9-12 Percent.jpg
Farnesene Oil Composition0%-1%Ahtanum Hops -Farnesene Oil Compensation 0-1 Percent

Ahtanum Hops Substitutes

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Common Beer Styles for Ahtanum Hops

    Beer Style
    American APA
    American India Pale Ale
    Light Lager
    American Ale
    American Brown
    California Common

    Ahtanum Hops Use in Commercial Beers

    WebsiteBrewing Company & Beer or Product
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
    Celebration Ale
    Laurelwood Brewing Company
    Le Rouge
    Cotleigh Brewery
    Blue Jay Best Bitter
    Dogfish Head Brewing Company
    Blood Orange Heffeweizen
    Hopworks Urban Brewery
    Hopworks Organic IPA
    Stone Brewing Company
    Vertical Epic Ale
    TableRock Brewpub and Grill
    Laughing Dog Pale Ale
    Rocky River Brewing Company
    Lil Warrior American Pale Ale
    Independence Brewing Company
    Stash IPA