Brewing Beer Kit in a Carboy FermentingHomebrew kits give a leg up to starting to brew beer at home. They provide the essentials for getting started with homebrewing. These kits come in many different shapes and sizes. They also generally offer the supplies needed for fermenting, and also the ingredient kits with the barley, hops and yeast.

The best homebrew Beer kits come in a few different forms. They all generally sell the brewing kettle separately. If you have a large pot in your kitchen, then you will be fine. This should minimally be 2 gallons. If you are going for a 1 gallon kit you can go much smaller. Otherwise a larger brew pot is better.

There are roughly 8 beers or pints to a gallon. And thats what you would get from a 1 gallon kit. Five gallons is generally the standard measure for home brewing. Everything just generally revolves around that mark due to available sizes of buckets, carboys and homebrew corny kegs (for the advanced). Many brewers will produce 10, 15 or 20 gallon batches!

Most of the suppliers sell brewing equipment kits, brewing ingredient kits or the combination. So take notice with your purchase. The brewing equipment that is generally missing from the average household is the fermentation buckets or carboys. These are food grade materials that are needed. If you have something else in mind, be sure that it is food grade, and very clean when using. The other missing element for the beginner is a capper for bottling the beer. Its your choice to pick up some new bottles or just save some bottles for a new dawn.

The beer ingredient kits will cover the ranges of beer styles to light and crispy beers to dark stouts and belgium beers. Its worth noting that lagers need to ferment at cool temperatures....generally needing refrigeration. Most of the beer styles are ales, however, which ferment at room temperature. This is generally the best way to go for anyone new to brewing. For example this includes Pale Ales, Browns, Ambers, IPA, Stouts and much more.

Northern Brewer

Northern Brewer is homebrewer's delight. They have a mission that is true to the 'hobby/craft/shared passion/obsession'. They shore it up with give back programs, and being socially and environmentally responsible. Sounds like a triple bottom line.
  • Homebrew Kits - Northern has a small range of brewing kits that will get what you need without being overwhelmed. They come with the brewing equipment as well as a range of brewing ingredient kits.
  • Beer Ingredient Kits - They have a dedicated list of beer ingredient kits that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. From Cream Ale to India Pale Ales, and a good list in between, there is enough to get fridge packed with homebrews.
  • Brew Kettles - If you need to upgrade your kitchen supplies, for making beer at home check out the brewing kettles that are available.

Midwest Supplies

Midwest Supplies is located out of Minneapolis and they have been in the business for a long time. They have a wide selection of homebrew kits as well as ingredient kits. They are in business for the brewer and also are a good choice for the wine enthusiasts as well.
  • Homebrew Kits - These homebrew kits provide the necessary brewing equipment for fermentation and bottling.
  • Beer Ingredient Kits - The beer ingredient kits are far and wide depending on your favorite styles of beer. They come with the malt extract, hops and yeast needed for a batch of beer.
  • Brew Kettles - Brew kettles may or may not be necessary for you depending on what you have in the kitchen. If you have a pot that is large enough at home you may be able to boil the wort with less water and dilute in the carboy later....

Homebrewers Outpost

Homebrewers outpost is out of Flagstaff, AZ and they have been in business since 1995..well before the boom. They offer a satisfaction guarantee along with price matching.
  • Homebrew Starter Kits - These homebrew starter kits range from one to five gallons and come with ingredient kits. Some brewing kits step beyond the beginner and are for those looking to upgrade or just simply dive deep into making beer at home.
  • Beer Recipe Kits - These beer recipe kits include extract, partial mash, and all grain recipes. There is a fairly wide assortment of kits available.