Foamy pint of beerFor anyone looking how to brew beer, there are a lot of ways to learn the craft. Making beer at home, homebrew, is an art, hobby and skill that shapes like a finished beer itself. Homebrewing is both easy to learn and is as rewarding to perfect. Beer making is a right to be celebrated. The craft beers of today were mostly born from beer hobbyists like yourself with basic kits. If you haven't tried, start. You will not regret it. If you are already on the path, then cheers to you.

How do you brew beer? Simply put, you dive in. It is very easy to start making beer at home with little equipment and investment. It is also possible to take your homebrew to new heights by learning advanced skills around specific gravity, fining agents, and fermentation. For those beginning homebrewing, not to fret, there is plenty of home brew how to available along with homebrew kits that make it simple.

This section outlines beer brewing techniques including a beginners guide to brewing, homebrew kits that are available today, mashing techniques, and is followed by some available schooling and education in brewing. Start small, dream big. Compare your beers with the best of craft beers and refine and progress. Start with a kit, move to a boilermaker. Buy your first extract, then develop into having your own barley crusher. Its exciting and only time will a beer during fermentation.

Brewing 101

Brewing is easy. Repeat: eeeeezy. When starting out in brewing beer, it is extremely likely that will make very tasty home brew on your first attempt with little investment. If you want a read on how to brew, this is a good place.

Home Brewing Kits

Homebrew kits are a means to a beautiful start. These beer kits range from basic to advanced and offer anyone starting to brew beer enough choices to make nearly any beer style. The brewing equipment is the nuts and bolts of brewing that provide the operational aspects of the process. There are really only a few key pieces to get started in making beer at home.

Partial Mash in Brewing

Partial mash is a step up from homebrewing starter kits and comes with all of the reward of taking ownership of the beer recipe. Partial mashing requires extra techniques but is a great step in the right direction for accelerating your home brew recipes. Making beer only gets better over time, and moving from extract brewing to the partial mash is a natural step in the brewing process.

Starting a Brewery

Starting a brewery is a dream, especially considering the all of the momentum in the craft beer industry. Training and funding are the primary components to put a nano or micro brewery into motion.

Brewing Schools and Training

There are brewing classes available to learn from the pros. Taking this path will set you up with the brewing skills needed to run a commercial brewery. Online classes in beer making along with local classes exist and cover the ingredients, recipes, equipment and even the know-how to create a brewery from scratch. Best of luck!