Caryophyllene is one of the essential oils in the oil composition of hops. It volume is generally fractions of myrcene and also usually less than hunulene oil composition. Caryophyllene is an FDA approved food additive which is found in many common plants including Basil, Clove, Oregano, Pepper, Caraway, Cannibas, and Humus lupulus (Hops). Drug makers lack the incentive to approve caryophyllene for drug use with the FDA, since it is so readily available, although there is continued research.

Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpinoid that comes in two forms (alpha and beta) which are generally found together (isocaryphollene). It’s a hydrocarbon, and much like myrcene is widely used in the perfume industry. Caryophyllene is also used in the food industry as a general spice and can be found in ice cream, beverages, baked goods, and condiments.

Caryophyllene Fragrance

Caryophyllene’s fragrance is obvious when you split open a hops cone and has essence of a dry woody, spicy, earthy bouquet. Its smell can be sweet, and its link with the clove plant becomes apparent when you compare the two. Caryophyllene provides a lot to the character to what we know as ‘hoppy’ aroma. The fragrance oxidizes quickly when exposed to oxygen, and this diminishing return for the senses is evident when handling older or aged hops cones.

Caryophyllene Flavor

Caryophyllene is used in many foods, and contributes a strong dry wood, pepper, and earthy spice flavor. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid and tones of citrus may come to the finish. Caryophyllene’s herbal character contributes to the finished beer, and boiling accentuates the flavor. Below is a list of hops varieties ordered by their caryophyllene volume.

Caryophyllene Volume in Hops Varieties

Hops VarietyCaryophyllene Oil VolumeUsage
Golding (U.S.) Hops13% - 20% of Total OilAroma
Golding (U.K.) Hops12% - 20% of Total OilAroma
Apollo Hops14% - 20% of Total OilBittering
Palisade Hops16% - 18% of Total OilAroma
Bramling Cross Hops14% - 18% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Northdown Hops13% - 17% of Total OilDual-Purpose
East Kent Golding Hops12% - 16% of Total OilAroma
Mount Hood Hops7% - 16% of Total OilAroma
Ultra Hops10% - 15% of Total OilAroma
Summit Hops10% - 15% of Total OilBittering
Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Hops10% - 15% of Total OilAroma
Hersbrucker Hops7% - 15% of Total OilAroma
Spalt Hops10% - 15% of Total OilAroma
Hallertauer Tradition Hops10% - 15% of Total OilAroma
Southern Star Hops14.6% of Total OilBittering
Saphir Hops9% - 14% of Total OilAroma
Whitbread Golding Variety Hops12% - 14% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Vanguard Hops12% - 14% of Total OilAroma
Super Galena Hops6% - 14% of Total OilBittering
Smaragd Hops9% - 14% of Total OilAroma
Fuggle (U.K.) Hops11% - 13.38% of Total OilAroma
Tettnanger (GR) Hops6% - 13% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pacific Hallertau Hops13% of Total OilAroma
Eroica Hops7% - 13% of Total OilBittering
Orion Hops6.5% - 12.7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Marynka Hops10% - 12.5% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Ahtanum Hops9% - 12% of Total OilAroma
Saaz Hops6% - 12% of Total OilAroma
Perle (US) Hops10% - 12% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Bravo Hops10% - 12% of Total OilBittering
Hallertau (U.S.) Hops10% - 12% of Total OilAroma
Magnum Hops8% - 12% of Total OilBittering
Liberty Hops9% - 12% of Total OilAroma
Columbus Hops8% - 12% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hallertauer Magnum Hops8% - 12% of Total OilBittering
Hersbrucker Pure Hops4.4% - 11.3% of Total OilAroma
Phoenix Hops8% - 11% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Warrior Hops8% - 11% of Total OilBittering
Lublin (Lubelski) Hops6% - 11% of Total OilAroma
Chinook Hops9% - 11% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Styrian Golding Hops9% - 11% of Total OilAroma
Pacific Gem Hops7% - 11% of Total OilBittering
Victoria Hops9% - 11% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Polnisher Lublin Hops6% - 11% of Total OilAroma
Saaz (U.S.) Hops7% - 11% of Total OilAroma
Bullion Hops9% - 11% of Total OilBittering
Southern Brewer Hops4.3% - 10.4% of Total OilBittering
Pacific Jade Hops10.2% of Total OilBittering
Northern Brewer (U.S.) Hops5% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Satus Hops7% - 10% of Total OilBittering
Glacier Hops6.5% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Northern Brewer (GR) Hops8% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Super Alpha Hops6% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Opal Hops9% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pride of Ringwood Hops5% - 10% of Total OilBittering
Challenger Hops8% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Nugget Hops7% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Target Hops8% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Perle (GR) Hops8% - 10% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Fuggle (U.S.) Hops6% - 10% of Total OilAroma
Hallertau Hops7% - 10% of Total OilAroma
Strisselspalt Hops8% - 10% of Total OilAroma
Outeniqua Hops9% - 10% of Total OilBittering
Yeoman Hops5.3% - 9.4% of Total OilBittering
Super Styrian (Aurora) Hops6% - 9% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pacific Sunrise Hops6% - 9% of Total OilBittering
Southern Promise Hops9% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Horizon Hops5% - 9% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Merkur Hops8% - 9% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Santiam Hops4.8% - 8.8% of Total OilAroma
Hallertauer Taurus Hops8.4% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Super Pride Hops5% - 8.4% of Total OilBittering
Willamette Hops6.5% - 8.2% of Total OilAroma
Hallertau Aroma Hops6% - 8.2% of Total OilAroma
Centennial Hops5% - 8% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Simcoe Hops5% - 8% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Spalter Select Hops6% - 8% of Total OilAroma
Pioneer Hops7% - 8% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hüller Bitterer Hops5% - 8% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Crystal Hops4% - 8% of Total OilAroma
Sterling Hops5% - 8% of Total OilDual-Purpose
AlphAroma Hops3.4% - 7.7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Brewers Gold Hops7% - 7.5% of Total OilBittering
Pilgrim Hops7.3% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Admiral Hops6.8% - 7.2% of Total OilBittering
Cluster Hops6% - 7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Tettnanger (US) Hops6% - 7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Herald Hops7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Newport Hops4.5% - 7% of Total OilBittering
First Gold Hops6% - 7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Green Bullet Hops6% - 7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Southern Cross Hops4% - 6.7% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Calicross Hops2.1% - 6.13% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Smooth Cone Hops6.1% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Sticklebract Hops3.4% - 6% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Galena Hops3% - 5.5% of Total OilBittering
Cascade (U.S.) Hops3.5% - 5.5% of Total OilDual-Purpose
AMARILLO® Hops2% - 4% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Riwaka Hops4% of Total OilAroma
Pride of Kent Hops3.4% of Total OilBittering
Motueka Hops2% of Total OilAroma
B Saaz Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Saazer Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Tardif de Bourgogne Hops0% of Total OilAroma
D Saaz Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Zeus Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
California Cluster Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Tomahawk Hops0% of Total OilUnknown