Welcome to the introduction of the documentary series on the growth of hops throughout the season in an urban hops garden in San Diego, CA. This is a Hopumentary, and the will walk through the decisions and progress of growing hops at home on a hops trellis as well as a hops arbor. There is a bit of experimentation going on with the hops varietals and placement around the property.

This growing introduction video is part one of a series and discusses the location selection for hops crowns that were purchased online. The five varietals in the works include:

These five hops varietals all have different characteristics and will grow as they choose. Watching their progress is nearly as good as harvesting them. Bring on the summer as these plants will grow and there will be brew this fall from the cones in this simple hops garden.

This is a hops growing series focused on growing hops in southern California. There are a few different locations that are going to be used for growing. The first place for planting hops is the back of a house that is southern facing. Its a two story house where sisal rop will be attached to the rafters. There is plenty of vertical space for growing several hops bines.

The second location is a southern facing arbor. The series will show differences between soil vs container box gardening with hops. In some locations a container box may be needed due to the environment or placement. Two different hops varietals will be placed on the arbor for growth.

Hops are deep rooted and like plenty of space to expand their roots. The container box should be as big or as deep as possible for the root growth and for moisture. Container boxes for hops can be built custom for your space out of lumber. Allow for proper drainage within the box by using gravel along the bottom and drilling holes. Use soil that has the nutrients needed for the plant, however hops are versatile and can grow in different soil conditions.


Hops Growing Videos

Watch the progress of growing hops on video. The video shows growing hops in an urban setting on the side of a house and on an arbor. The varietals include Glacier, Nugget, Zues, Horizon and Sterling.

Hops Varieties

There are many different hops varieties with their own flavor and aroma characteristics. We have a thorough hops guide that covers their growth habits and weaknesses as well.