This is part 2 of a Hopumentary focused on urban hops growing in San Diego, CA. This episode is still centered around preparing the hops plants and the planting location for the different hops varietals. Included are the preparation for a hops trellis as well as a hops arbor.

The hops crowns have arrived and have been moved to planters in moist potting soil. The hops plants were ordered online, and full plants were chosen over rhizomes. The full plants will give promise for a fuller growing season as the roots are more mature and full. The hops plants arrived in bags with rice for moisture. They sprouted in the bags when left in the garage for a week after delivery. The hops have been planted in planters and placed outside in the shade so that they can adjust to the climate and new environment.

The five varietals discussed include:

The video series will show which of these hops varietals produce in this environment. Due to the transition and planting the plants suffered some from their journey. Some of the shoots were damaged during planting, even though they grew.

Holes were dug in the ground post hole digger to about 4.5 ft to prepare. The sand at this location is very sandy with very little nutrients. Potting soil along with compost and the existing sandy soil are used to create a nutrient rich rooting zone for the hops roots.

Hops Growing Videos

Watch the progress of growing hops on video. The video shows growing hops in an urban setting on the side of a house and on an arbor. The varietals include Glacier, Nugget, Zues, Horizon and Sterling.

Hops Varieties

There are many different hops varieties with their own flavor and aroma characteristics. We have a thorough hops guide that covers their growth habits and weaknesses as well.