This is part 3 of a Hopumentary focused on urban hops farming in San Diego, CA. This episode discusses some differences between Nugget and Zues.

Holes were dug with a post hole digger. The holes were filled with potting soil, compost and some of the existing sandy soil. In this place Nugget is going to grown side-by-side with Zeus hops. They both have much different characteristics as far as growth habits.

Nugget hops is a moderate grower. Its yield is moderate to low as well. This hops plant will be maturing mid-season. This series will capture what that means as far as harvest time in southern California. Nugget hops is resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew which is a good thing since it is being grown on the coast. Zeus hops on the other hand is not resistant.

Zeus hops is a moderate to vigorous grower. It is given a slightly higher trellis for growing over Nugget due its growth rate. Both of these plants produce compact large cones, so it will be interesting to see how they produce. Zeus is susceptible to mildew and so only the season will show its vulnerabilities.

Solid plastic steaks are used to anchor the hops trellis in the ground. They will be put in at an angle so that the wind or other forces do not cause the steak to pull from the ground. They are very inexpensive online or at a local hardware store.

Shown in the video is Zeus hops prior to planting. The plant has shoots stemming out about 10-12 inches. The roots can be clipped for further propagation.

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