This is episode 5 of a Hopumentary - a documentary on growing hops at home. This episode shows Sterling hops compared to Horizon hops.

A planter box has been used to create a container for the hops plants. This may be a limitation for the plants that can grow as deep as 15 feet. The arbor for the plants is in a great location for the hops plants.

The two varieties that are being planted in this location include Sterling and Horizon hops. Full hops plants were ordered online and placed in temporary planter pots.

Horizon hops is a vigorous grower and is a mix of Brewers Gold, Early Green Hops, and USDA 64035M. It is also a half sister to Nugget Hops. It should produce well for the year. The shoots from the plant are growing well. Horizon is a high alpha hops variety at 10-16% and has a floral bouquet with citrus notes.

Sterling also has Brewer Gold and Early Green, and is also mixed with Saaz (Saazer), Cascade and another unknown variety. Sterling has a lower alpha content at 5-9% with a similar bouquet to Horizon hops. Horizon is susceptible to mildew while Sterling is resistant, so it will be a test to see how they endure.

Sisal rope is once again used to support and train the hops bines up to the arbor. Once on top of the arbor the rope will continue in a path that keeps the plants separated from each other for maximum light absorption.

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