This is episode 6 of a Hopumentary - a documentary on growing hops at home. This episode shows the massive growth of Horizon after a few weeks. The sisal rop is setup and the shoots are trained for growth.

The planter box is prepared with potting soil and compacted with as much earth as possible for the hops roots. Sterling and Horizon will be planted in this space together. Sisal rope has been anchored to the hops container box with i-hooks and continued across the arbor for growth. A snapshot of what the top of the arbor looks like is included.

Horizon hops has taken off both with shoots and roots. The shoots have began to sway, so it is time to support them. The roots have expanded into the container and have reached are ready to explore more earth.

Hops Growing Videos

Watch the progress of growing hops on video. The video shows growing hops in an urban setting on the side of a house and on an arbor. The varietals include Glacier, Nugget, Zues, Horizon and Sterling.

Hops Varieties

There are many different hops varieties with their own flavor and aroma characteristics. We have a thorough hops guide that covers their growth habits and weaknesses as well.