Origin and Description

Hallertauer Tradition hops is another invention of the Hull Hop Research Institute in Germany, and was bred for is resistance and tolerance to disease and fungus. Introduced in 1991, this hops variety is comprised of 47% Hallertau Mittelfruh, 15% Saazer, and Hallertauer Gold. This combination helps set the precedent for the profile of this hops that is sometimes simply called Tradition.

Hallertauer Tradition Hops resembles Hallertau Mittelfruh in many ways. It has a slightly higher alpha acid rating at 4.6%-7.0% making it a good aroma variety. Tradition has relatively low co-humulone and ample humulene oil, which contributes to an earthy and grassy aroma, that is dominated by sweet tones of nectarous fruits including raisins. The humulene itself degrades rapidly in heat, so preserve the earthy character Hallertauer Tradition should be used late in the boil, or during dry hop additions in beer.

As mentioned, Hallertauer Tradition was bred for its resistance to common diseases in the area including Verticillium Wilt, Downy Mildew and Powdery Mildew, with success. The medium size compact cones are ready early to mid season after a vigorous growth cycle. Hallertauer Tradition has reasonably well storage capabilities as well. It is one of those hops from the Hallertau region that has helped to define the German Pilsners and Hefeweizen beers.

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Usage

Hallertauer Tradition hops is aromatic qualities.
Hallertauer Tradition hops is commonly used as as aroma agent in beer.

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Characteristics

Below is a list of characteristics for hallertauer tradition hops that impact farming, chemistry, transport & trade, beer production, as well as the final character of the finished product.

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid Composition 4.6%-7%Hallertauer Tradition Hops Alpha Acid Composition - 4.6 To 7 Percent
Beta Acid Composition 4%-5%Hallertauer Tradition Hops Beta Acid Composition - 4 To 5 Percent
Co-Humulone Composition 23%-29%Hallertauer Tradition Hops Co-Humulone Acid Composition - 23 To 29 Percent

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Cone Physical Characteristics

Hallertauer Tradition Lupulin ColorPale YellowPale Yellow Lupulin Color for Hallertauer Tradition Hops
Hallertauer Tradition Cone SizeMediumHallertauer Tradition Hop - Medium Cone Size
Hallertauer Tradition Cone DensityCompactHallertauer Tradition Hops - Compact Cone Density

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Growth, Harvest, and Storage Details

YieldYield for Hallertauer Tradition Hops is Low at 1560 - 1780 kg/hectare
Hallertauer Tradition Hops - Low Crop Yields
Growth RateVigorous
Hallertauer Tradition Hops - Vigorous Growth Rate
Susceptibility to Disease and Pests
Resistent To:
Verticillium Wilt,Downy Mildew,Powdery Mildew,
StorabilityHallertauer Tradition Hops maintains 65%-70% alpha acid comtents after 6 months storage at 20 degrees CHallertauer Tradition Hops Storability - Moderate
Ease of HarvestGoodHallertauer Tradition Hops - Good Pickability

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Oil Composition

Total Oil Composition0.9-1.9 mls/100 gramsHallertauer Tradition Hops - Total Oil Compensation 0.9-1.9 mls
Myrcene Oil Composition20%-25%Hallertauer Tradition Hops - Myrcene Oil Compensation 20-25 Percent
Humulene Oil Composition40%-55%Hallertauer Tradition Hops - Humulene Oil Compensation 40-55 Percent
Caryophyllene Oil Composition10%-15%Hallertauer Tradition Hops - Caryophyllene Oil Compensation 10-15 Percent.jpg
Farnesene Oil Composition0%-1%Hallertauer Tradition Hops -Farnesene Oil Compensation 0-1 Percent

Hallertauer Tradition Hops Substitutes

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Hallertauer MittelfrühHallertauer Mittelfrüh is one of the noble hop varieties that originates from Germany. It has been on the decline in terms of production as it is being replac...

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Common Beer Styles for Hallertauer Tradition Hops

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    Hallertauer Tradition Hops Use in Commercial Beers

    WebsiteBrewing Company & Beer or Product
    Victory Brewing Company
    St. Boisterous Hellerbock
    Victory Brewing Company
    Braumeister Pilsner
    Blackfoot River Brewing Company
    1516 Brewing Company
    Quinoa Weisse