Origin and Description

Hersbrucker Hops was the gift of the earth from the Hersbruck district in Hallertau Germany. This variety, found from natural selection, has been taking over acreage from the original Hallertau Hops variety due to its more favorable resistance to disease and fungus.

Hersbrucker Hops is similar to the noble hop varieties with its low co-humulone level. It is a definitive aroma variety with an alpha acid rating of 2.0%-5.0%. Hersbrucker Hops is a versatile one used in a great number of German style beers. Its essential oils rest in balance within the cone, and bring a mix of fruit and spice mixed with floral character.

Hersbrucker is moderately tolerant of Verticillium Wilt, which has helped to make its success, which boomed around the 1970's and 80's. As with many varieties from the region, its yield is on the low side (although stronger than others) ranging from 1400-1800 lbs/acre. The medium size and moderately compact cones are harvested late in the season.

Hersbrucker Hops is world renowned and sought after around the globe. Its mostly used for the finishing touches on German and Bavarian style Lagers and Pilsners, and has also made its place known in Hefeweizens, Dunkles, and Bock beers.