Home Brew Start Kit's are made of the equipment needed to brew your first batch. The equipment for brewing isn't at all that strange or unique, its just not exactly that common. For example, many of the start kits come with some type of carboy or food grade bucket for fermentation. Its important that you use very clean, and sterile buckets or carboys for this. If you have old buckets that you have used for anything other than food, or if they are scratched or have signs of wear and tear, it is much better to start with a new one.

Beer styles in different serving glass styles

The choice of going with a bucket vs a carboy is really up to the home brewer. Either will do just fine. The carboy gives you a some visual indicators of whats going on inside, without having to remove the lid. It also allows you to see the trub that has settled to the bottom during the fermentation process. In the end either choice will work fine as long as they are adequately sealed with an airlock.

The airlock for brewing beer is one of those necessary pieces, yet is not going to be commonly found around the household. It is designed to let air our of the fermentation vessel, and not let air in. As fermentation is underway, carbon dioxide is being released. This gas needs to escape in order to avoid pressure build up. The airlock is what allows this to happen.

Other than the items mentioned, the starter kits that require bottling, will come with a bottle capper and caps. The capper is a lever-based contraption that, without much effort, allows you to pop a cap right onto a bottle. It makes bottling a case or two of beer fairly simple....and the end product (a couple of full cases), is indeed the reward.

The best home brewing starter kits come in various shapes, forms and prices. Some of them would be considered investments, as you can use this equipment over and over. Some also come with the recipes ready to go for your first batch.

  • Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Hard Apple Cider Homebrewing Cider Refill Kit

    Product Features

    • Makes 2 Gallons of great tasting Hard Apple Cider, approximately 4% ABV
    • All Mr. Beer Cider Refills are Gluten Free, all natural, GMO Free and designed to work in your Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit
    • Easy to follow 14 day brewing process, just add water
    • Mr. Beer Refills take all the guess work out of the brewing process, so you are assured to get a top quality hard cider every time
    • Includes 2 Bottles of Hard Apple Cider Mix, 1 Packet of dry brewing yeast and 1 packet of No-Rinse Cleanser


    • With the Mr. Beer Hard Apple Cider Refill you will get all the ingredients you need to make a bold, and crisp hard cider at home. The perfect drink for any time of year this Cider is sure to quench your thirst and will be one you must brew again. Included with this refill is 1 packet of Dry Ale Yeast, and 1 packet of No-Rinse Cleanser. All you need is water, and your Mr. Beer Hard Cider Kit to get brewing another batch of clean crisp Hard Cider.
  • Home Brew Ohio Brewer

    Product Features

    • Brewer's best one gallon beer ingredient kit-belgian triple
    • Each kit makes 1 gallon of beer (approx. 10-12 oz. Glasses)
    • Less time consuming
    • Minimal space required
    • Start small batch brewing today!


    • Belgian triple-our triple contains light candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in Color with a creamy, white head. This kit has plenty of dried malt extract and specialty grains to accent its complexity. The hops create a mild, spicy character. Imbues: 32 - 36 ABV: 8.5% - 9.0% og: 1.074 - 1.078 difficulty: easy Color: deep gold finger: 1.009 - 1.013.
  • 12 Pack - 16 Ounce Grolsch Bottles with Easy Cap Flip Top Caps for Brewing Beer, Kombucha, Kefir, Water, Thick High-Grade Glass, Resealable, Clear, by California Home Goods

    Product Features

    • HOMEBREW FRIENDLY: Whether you're brewing craft beer with your beer making kit, kombucha starter kit, kefir, or soda, these glass bottles with caps make it easy to carry out your latest beverage project. At 16 ounces per bottle, you'll have plenty to serve at your next party. Can be used as kombucha bottles or beer bottles for home brewing.
    • SAFELY PACKAGED & REUSABLE: Each set comes safely packaged to prevent breakage while shipping. Each bottle is made of glass and can be reused again and again. Bottles are dishwasher safe.
    • DURABLE & RESEALABLE CAPS: Plastic & rubber fliptop gaskets are easy to remove and put on, keeping your homemade beverages sealed and preserving carbonation or any other fermentation.
    • PACK OF 6 OR 12: Are you an avid homebrewing pro? Save money by buying in bulk. We offer our customers a choice of a set of 6 or 12 longneck beerbottles per set that can be used as glass beer bottles or bottles for kombucha.
    • 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your happiness is our priority. If you have any issues, reach back out and we'll promise to make it right with a refund or a replacement, no questions asked.


    • Great value. Great quality. At California Basics, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality essentials at the best price.

      Our California Basics Beer Bottles feature incredibly high-quality glass bottles perfect for any avid homebrewing hobbyist. Whether making your own kefir, craft beer, kombucha, or soda, our bottles make it easy to store your tasty beverages. Each bottle comes with its own reusable and easy-to-remove fliptop cap so that you can reuse your bottle over and over again.