Mature hops on the bin ready for harvestThis is a documentary or hopumentary video series on growing hops at home. Walk through the hops videos that show every stage from purchasing hops online to trellis design to growing and harvesting. Life is bliss when planning for a hop harvest. If you don't have a green thumb, don't sweat it. Hops are versatile plants. Hops rhizomes, crowns and seeds are eager to grow, grow and grow. They will root, shoot and climb - developing burrs then cones throughout the season. These cones are the fruit for any kind of beer style you can think of. There are many places to buy hops online, and will be shipped to your door...bright eyed and ready for a bold new year. A few of the places where you can purchase hops include:

Hops Providers

For growing hops its simple, find a spot, add a support or trellis and plant. Make sure there are nutrients and water, then watch and wait. Hops have a personality of their own. They will surprise you in their reach and growth. They do have their differences, and it's important to check out the different hops varieties that suit your beer styles as well as the plants tolerance for certain disease and pests that may affect the growth. There is a guide on growing hops available that is worth a read. Go!

Hops Growing Videos