Liquid Malt Extracts (LME) are similar to Dry Malt Extracts in that the grain has gone through much of the brewing process and the water is largely evaporated through evaporation chambers. Liquid Malt Extracts will end up at approximately 20% water.

Liquid Malt Extracts are more suitable than the dryer version for hopping. This is due to the ability for the liquid extract to seal in the resins and oils of the hops eliminating exposure to air. Hops intensity decays rapidly otherwise. Pre-packaging the hops and malt is extremely helpful new brewers when using brewing starter kits. It eliminates at least some of the complexity and extra ingredients and is pre-measured for a certain recipe.

Liquid Malt Extract Types

As with the DME's the varieties generally are:

  • Extra Light
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Amber
  • Wheat
    • Considering all of the variations in the grains, strains, manufacturer, and malting process, there can be quite a bit of difference in these types. Not to mention, organic varieties are now on the market offering the brewer new opportunities. Even with, seemingly, only 5 different general varieties, any quantity of these can be used in tandem, along with varying hops schedules, and of course the yeast, there are too many styles of beers possible to explore.

Liquid Malt Extract Quantities

Liquid Malt Extract comes in comparable sizes to Dried Malt Extract. This includes 1, 3, and 6, lbs. A simple conversion allows for conversion between the two. Moreover many homebrew supply stored order in bluk, meaning the brewer can obtain whatever quantity is needed.

Dried Malt Extract Producers

Producers are DME are generally producers or LME. Some of those producers include: