Origin and Description

Merkur Hops was a product of the Hull Hops Research Institute in the Hallertau region of Germany. Sometimes called Hallertauer Merkur, this variety was bred from a cross between Hallertaur Magnum and variety 81/8/13. Merkur was released in 2000, and is slowly gaining traction in the brewing industry.

Merkur Hops is a bittering high-alpha hops, and sits in the same bracket as myrcene oil contents that is much higher than most hops varieties. Myrcene hops gives an aroma that has earthy yet citrusy tones. It is mostly used for its bittering qualities in beer which make it appropriate for early to mid additions to the brewing process.

Merkur Hops is a moderate yielder of medium size moderately compact oval cones. These cones are ready later in the season after a long season of tolerating disease and fungus that wreak havoc on other varieties. Merkur was bred for its disease resistance and tolerates Verticillium Wilt, Peronospora, and Powdery Mildew.