Myrcene is one of four essential oils found in the hops cone. Commonly referred to as beta-myrcene, and generally is the leader in volume compared to the other oils. This oil is extensively used in the perfume industry and can be synthesized, or come organically from plants....namely Humulus lupulus (Hops), Bay, Lemongrass, Verbena, and Snapdragon flowers.

Myrcene Fragrance

Myrcene is highly flammable hydro carbon in the form of 7-methyl-3-methylideneocta-1,6-diene. In its natural form inside the cone, it is pungently fragrant. To the smell it has tones of grapes, peaches, vanilla, wine and is balsamic like. While at the same time the odor comes off as woody, green, herbaceous, and peppery. The fragrance is subdued to minimal levels with heat, and this prevents it from remaining prevalent after a boil or mash.

Myrcene Flavor

Myrcene is a colorless clear oil that is referred to as a monoterpene. Its health effects have been studied throughout the science industry. The flavor somewhat matches its fragrance and will be orange-like and citrusy, with an earthy, even metallic flavor. With a boiling temperature of 147 degrees F, its flavor dissipates in much the same way as it's fragrance with high temperatures.

Myrcene And Brewing

Myrcene impacts both the flavor and the aroma of beer. Due to its degradation of both of these qualities with heat, hops with high myrcene volume is commonly added during the final minutes of a boil, or is used for dry hopping in order to preserve its potency. Although the volume of this oil is generally not labeled on packaging, you can use the guide below to help in selecting the right variates of hops for experimenting in your brew.

Hops Myrcene Oil Levels by Variety

Hops VarietyMyrcene Oil VolumeUsage
Horizon Hops55% - 70% of Total OilDual-Purpose
AMARILLO® Hops68% - 70% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pride of Kent Hops69.8% of Total OilBittering
Riwaka Hops68% of Total OilAroma
Calicross Hops54% - 67.6% of Total OilDual-Purpose
AlphAroma Hops44.3% - 65.2% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Crystal Hops40% - 65% of Total OilAroma
Simcoe Hops60% - 65% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Eroica Hops55% - 65% of Total OilBittering
Sticklebract Hops50.6% - 63.6% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Glacier Hops33% - 62% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Southern Brewer Hops50.2% - 61.9% of Total OilBittering
Yeoman Hops38.2% - 60.5% of Total OilBittering
Super Galena Hops45% - 60% of Total OilBittering
Northern Brewer (U.S.) Hops50% - 60% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Galena Hops55% - 60% of Total OilBittering
Cascade (U.S.) Hops45% - 60% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Nugget Hops48% - 59% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Southern Cross Hops31.8% - 59% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Orion Hops41% - 56% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Smooth Cone Hops55.2% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Target Hops45% - 55% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Apollo Hops33% - 55% of Total OilBittering
Bullion Hops45% - 55% of Total OilBittering
Ahtanum Hops50% - 55% of Total OilAroma
Pacific Sunrise Hops45% - 55% of Total OilBittering
Centennial Hops45% - 55% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Cluster Hops45% - 55% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Willamette Hops30% - 55% of Total OilAroma
Perle (US) Hops45% - 55% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pacific Gem Hops33% - 55% of Total OilBittering
Newport Hops47% - 54% of Total OilBittering
Green Bullet Hops52% - 53% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hüller Bitterer Hops28% - 51% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Fuggle (U.S.) Hops40% - 50% of Total OilAroma
Hersbrucker Pure Hops23.5% - 50% of Total OilAroma
Summit Hops30% - 50% of Total OilBittering
Warrior Hops40% - 50% of Total OilBittering
Spalter Select Hops40% - 50% of Total OilAroma
Pride of Ringwood Hops25% - 50% of Total OilBittering
Bravo Hops25% - 50% of Total OilBittering
Merkur Hops48% - 48.9% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Sterling Hops44% - 48% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Admiral Hops39% - 48% of Total OilBittering
Super Alpha Hops29.2% - 48% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hallertau Aroma Hops35% - 48% of Total OilAroma
Santiam Hops25% - 48% of Total OilAroma
Motueka Hops47.7% of Total OilAroma
Victoria Hops30% - 45% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Columbus Hops25% - 45% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Tettnanger (US) Hops3% - 45% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Satus Hops40% - 45% of Total OilBittering
Opal Hops30% - 45% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Hops35% - 44% of Total OilAroma
Outeniqua Hops38% - 43% of Total OilBittering
Challenger Hops30% - 42% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Saaz Hops20% - 42% of Total OilAroma
Mount Hood Hops30% - 40% of Total OilAroma
Smaragd Hops20% - 40% of Total OilAroma
Bramling Cross Hops35% - 40% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Brewers Gold Hops37% - 40% of Total OilBittering
Saphir Hops24% - 40% of Total OilAroma
Herald Hops40% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Chinook Hops35% - 40% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Southern Star Hops38.9% of Total OilBittering
Saaz (U.S.) Hops25% - 37% of Total OilAroma
Pilgrim Hops36% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pioneer Hops31% - 36% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Polnisher Lublin Hops22% - 35% of Total OilAroma
Hallertauer Magnum Hops30% - 35% of Total OilBittering
Ultra Hops25% - 35% of Total OilAroma
Golding (U.S.) Hops20% - 35% of Total OilAroma
Lublin (Lubelski) Hops22% - 35% of Total OilAroma
Northern Brewer (GR) Hops30% - 35% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Golding (U.K.) Hops20% - 35% of Total OilAroma
Magnum Hops30% - 35% of Total OilBittering
Super Pride Hops19% - 34% of Total OilBittering
Pacific Jade Hops33.3% of Total OilBittering
Styrian Golding Hops27% - 33% of Total OilAroma
Phoenix Hops24% - 32% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Pacific Hallertau Hops32% of Total OilAroma
Liberty Hops24% - 32% of Total OilAroma
Marynka Hops28% - 31% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Strisselspalt Hops20% - 30% of Total OilAroma
Hallertauer Taurus Hops30% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Northdown Hops23% - 29% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Fuggle (U.K.) Hops24% - 28% of Total OilAroma
First Gold Hops27% - 28% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Whitbread Golding Variety Hops21% - 27% of Total OilDual-Purpose
East Kent Golding Hops20% - 26% of Total OilAroma
Vanguard Hops20% - 25% of Total OilAroma
Hallertauer Tradition Hops20% - 25% of Total OilAroma
Super Styrian (Aurora) Hops20% - 25% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hersbrucker Hops10% - 25% of Total OilAroma
Tettnanger (GR) Hops15% - 25% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Spalt Hops15% - 25% of Total OilAroma
Perle (GR) Hops10% - 23% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Southern Promise Hops22% of Total OilDual-Purpose
Hallertau Hops10% - 20% of Total OilAroma
Palisade Hops9% - 10% of Total OilAroma
Hallertau (U.S.) Hops35% - 4% of Total OilAroma
California Cluster Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Tomahawk Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
B Saaz Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Saazer Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Tardif de Bourgogne Hops0% of Total OilAroma
D Saaz Hops0% of Total OilUnknown
Zeus Hops0% of Total OilUnknown