Origin and Description

Newport Hops was developed by the USDA as a descendant from Hallertauer Magnum Hops crossed with a male USDA variety. Newport was designed to battle mildew, and was done with success. Newport is 18.8% Brewers Gold, 12.5% Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, 6.3% Late Grape, 4.6% Belgium 31, 3.1% Fuggle, and 54.7% unknown.

Newport Hops was released in 2002, and is an alpha hops used primarily for bittering in beer. Newport has an alpha acid rating at 14.5%-17.0% and has a high beta acid count at 7.2%-9.1%. Newport also shares in a very high co-humulone content at 36.0%-38.0% which can add some off flavors. Of the oils myrcene is very high, and itself carries an earthy citrus blend with tones of wine sometimes balsamic. Newport is best used at the beginning or mid boil for bittering purposes in beer batches.

Newport helped pull the northwest out of disease crisis in the late 90's. Its resistance to downy mildew and powdery mildew has helped in its success. Newport produces good yields at 1990-2250 lbs/acre of medium to large size moderately loose cones. This middle of the road grower is ideal for beer styles such as American Ales, and India Pale Ales. Its also ideal for Holiday Ales, and Barley Wines.

Newport Hops Usage

Newport hops has bittering qualities.
Newport hops is commonly used as as bittering agent in beer.

Newport Hops Characteristics

Below is a list of characteristics for newport hops that impact farming, chemistry, transport & trade, beer production, as well as the final character of the finished product.

Newport Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid Composition 13.5%-17%Newport Hops Alpha Acid Composition - 13.5 To 17 Percent
Beta Acid Composition 7.2%-9.1%Newport Hops Beta Acid Composition - 7.2 To 9.1 Percent
Co-Humulone Composition 36%-38%Newport Hops Co-Humulone Acid Composition - 36 To 38 Percent

Newport Hops Cone Physical Characteristics

Newport Lupulin ColorPale Yellow to YellowPale Yellow to Yellow Lupulin Color for Newport Hops
Newport Cone SizeMedium to LargeNewport Hop - Medium to LargeCone Size
Newport Cone DensityLoose to ModerateNewport Hops - Loose to Moderate Cone Density

Newport Hops Growth, Harvest, and Storage Details

MaturityMid to Late SeasonNewport Hops - Mid to Late Season Maturity
YieldYield for Newport Hops is Moderate at 1990 - 2250 kg/hectare
Newport Hops - Moderate Crop Yields
Growth RateModerate
Newport Hops - Moderate Growth Rate
Susceptibility to Disease and Pests
Resistent To:
Powdery Mildew,Downy Mildew,
Newport Hops Resistance to Disease & Pests is Moderate to Excellent
StorabilityNewport Hops maintains 60%-60% alpha acid comtents after 6 months storage at 20 degrees CNewport Hops Storability - Moderate
Ease of HarvestGoodNewport Hops - Good Pickability

Newport Hops Oil Composition

Total Oil Composition1.6-3.6 mls/100 gramsNewport Hops - Total Oil Compensation 1.6-3.6 mls
Myrcene Oil Composition47%-54%Newport Hops - Myrcene Oil Compensation 47-54 Percent
Humulene Oil Composition9%-1%Newport Hops - Humulene Oil Compensation 9-1 Percent
Caryophyllene Oil Composition4.5%-7%Newport Hops - Caryophyllene Oil Compensation 4.5-7 Percent.jpg
Farnesene Oil Composition0%-1%Newport Hops -Farnesene Oil Compensation 0-1 Percent

Newport Hops Substitutes

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Common Beer Styles for Newport Hops

    Beer Style
    Pale Ale
    Barley Wine
    India Pale Ale
    Winter Warmer
    Imperial Lager

    Newport Hops Use in Commercial Beers

    WebsiteBrewing Company & Beer or Product
    Rogue Brewing Company
    Hop Heaven
    Double Mountain Brewery and Pub
    The Boathouse Brewery
    American Pale Ale
    J.J. Bitting Brewing Company
    W.H.A.L.E.S. Imperial IPA
    Southern Oregon Brewing Company
    Old Humbug II
    Karl Strauss Brewing Company
    Imperial Amber Lager
    Haverhill Brewery
    Leatherlips I.P.A.