Origin and Description

Perle Hops was brought to the United States from a German Selection from the same variety. U.S. Perle Hops originates from the Hop Research Institute in Hull Germany as a cross between Northern Brewer and 63/5/27M. This hops variety has quite a few favorable qualities, including Perle's resistance to disease and mildew, which might be one of the reasons it was taken to the United States in the first place.

Perle Hops is a dual purpose hops. The bitterness is clean and effective with an alpha acid rating of 6.0%-10.0%. Perle is prided for its mildly spicy character, with an aroma that pleases the senses in beer. It is useful for anytime throughout the brewing process, and will add a German-like quality to the beer.

Perle Hops grown in the U.S. has excellent storagability and the lupulin color is a deep dark yellow. The yield is low for these medium size loose cones early in the season. The U.S. hops variety has not made the same impact that it has made in Europe, but can be found. Yakima Chief Ranch is an example of a grower/supplier for the commercial brewing industry.