Origin and Description

Satus Hops is from Yakima Chief Ranches in Washington State, U.S. It is a trademarked variety that is new to brewing, although the year of release is unknown. Its characteristics are compared to Galena Hops and perhaps this is part of its lineage, although is is not disclosed. Satus Washington is a small town right outside of Sunnyside, Washington, where the Yakima Chief Rand North American headquarters resides.

Satus Hops is a bittering hop variety with a high alpha acid content of 12.5%-14.0%. The bitterness is considered clean and crisp, ideal as a foundational hops for the beginning of a boil for a beer needing a kick. Of the oils in Satus, myrcene is the one that is elevated to 40.0%-45.0% of the oil make up. This contributes to its citrus zeal, and can also be described as having a pleasant hoppy bouquet.

Satus Hops is new, grown in the U.S. and is relatively hard to find, especially in commercial beers (at this time). This variety is a very strong grower producing 2450-2550 lbs/acre of medium size cones. It has resistance to both powdery mildew and sperotheca which is a plus. With the strong bittering power, and favorable aroma, Satus Hops is suitable for a range of ales, especially those with more hop requirements such as beer styles including India Pale Ales, Stouts, and Barley Wines.