Origin and Description

Southern Brewer Hops helped to give promise to hop cultivation in South Africa. The African Breweries Hops Farms Ltd. started a brewing program in 1956 to develop local hop varieties that were well adapted for the climate and daylight hours. The major hop variety at the time in the region (Golden Cluster) was struck with black root rot. The first successful variety from the program, Southern Brewer emerged in 1972 and was a mix between (Fuggle x open pollination) x (Fuggle x open pollination). It became a mainstay of South Africa for the next 20 years, but only with the addition of artificial lights attached above the hops trellis. The daylight is too short around the equator, and the additional lighting helped advance Southern Brewer Hops for the region. It was not until 1992 when two new varieties were introduced that did not need that additional artificial lighting to succeed. Those two hop varieties were Outeniqua and Southern Promise (Which is a descendant of Southern Brewer).

Southern Brewer Hops is considered a bittering hops variety for brewing. Its alpha acid content can vary, but tends to reside in the 9.0%-10.5% range. Despite Southern Brewer's high level of myrcene oil and registering farnesene oil it does not have any outstanding flavor or aroma qualities, and is most applicable to bittering additions to the kettle.

Southern Brewer Hops is readily available in South Africa, as it is still widely grown there. It has a fairly high yield averaging around 1750 lbs/acre. The medium to large moderately compact oval shaped hop cones are harvested early to mid season after a somewhat vigorous growing cycle. Southern Brewer was bred with resistance to powdery mildew as well as verticillium wilt. It is going to be more easily found in commercial beers from South Africa, and if you are looking for a substitute, Southern Promise may be easier to get a hold of.

Southern Brewer Hops Usage

Southern Brewer hops has bittering qualities.
Southern Brewer hops is commonly used as as bittering agent in beer.

Southern Brewer Hops Characteristics

Below is a list of characteristics for southern brewer hops that impact farming, chemistry, transport & trade, beer production, as well as the final character of the finished product.

Southern Brewer Hops Acid Composition

Alpha Acid Composition 5.6%-12%Southern Brewer Hops Alpha Acid Composition - 5.6 To 12 Percent
Beta Acid Composition 2.8%-5%Southern Brewer Hops Beta Acid Composition - 2.8 To 5 Percent
Co-Humulone Composition 38%-41%Southern Brewer Hops Co-Humulone Acid Composition - 38 To 41 Percent

Southern Brewer Hops Cone Physical Characteristics

Southern Brewer Lupulin ColorPale YellowPale Yellow Lupulin Color for Southern Brewer Hops
Southern Brewer Cone SizeMedium to LargeSouthern Brewer Hop - Medium to LargeCone Size
Southern Brewer Cone DensityModerate to CompactSouthern Brewer Hops - Moderate to Compact Cone Density

Southern Brewer Hops Growth, Harvest, and Storage Details

MaturityEarly to Mid SeasonSouthern Brewer Hops - Early to Mid Season Maturity
YieldYield for Southern Brewer Hops is Moderate to High at 1323 - 2205 kg/hectare
Southern Brewer Hops - Moderate to High Crop Yields
Growth RateModerate to Vigorous
Southern Brewer Hops - Moderate to Vigorous Growth Rate
Susceptibility to Disease and Pests
Resistent To:
Powdery Mildew,Verticillium Wilt,
Southern Brewer Hops Resistance to Disease & Pests is Moderate to Excellent
StorabilitySouthern Brewer Hops maintains 60%-70% alpha acid comtents after 6 months storage at 20 degrees CSouthern Brewer Hops Storability - Moderate
Ease of HarvestGoodSouthern Brewer Hops - Good Pickability

Southern Brewer Hops Oil Composition

Total Oil Composition0.4-1.5 mls/100 gramsSouthern Brewer Hops - Total Oil Compensation 0.4-1.5 mls
Myrcene Oil Composition50.2%-61.9%Southern Brewer Hops - Myrcene Oil Compensation 50.2-61.9 Percent
Humulene Oil Composition9.5%-25.5%Southern Brewer Hops - Humulene Oil Compensation 9.5-25.5 Percent
Caryophyllene Oil Composition4.3%-10.4%Southern Brewer Hops - Caryophyllene Oil Compensation 4.3-10.4 Percent.jpg
Farnesene Oil Composition3%-11.2%Southern Brewer Hops -Farnesene Oil Compensation 3-11.2 Percent

Southern Brewer Hops Substitutes

Southern PromiseSouthern Promise is a hops variety that took South African hops cultivation to a new level. As a diploid variety that descended from Southern Brewer and a Yugo...

Common Beer Styles for Southern Brewer Hops

    Beer Style
    Pale Ale

    Southern Brewer Hops Use in Commercial Beers

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