Origin and Description

Spalt Hops, also called Spalter Spalt, is a natural variety originating from Spalt Germany. This variety carries a great tradition in German brewing and has made an impact around the world. It is a part of the Saaz family of hops. Spalt is sought after for German-style Lagers, Helles, Pilsners and more. Spalt is a parent of Spalt Spalt Select which has better growing characteristics.

Spalt is an aroma variety and has a low alpha acid content at 4.0%-5.0% with a 1:1 alpha beta ratio. This prolific variety is among the noble varieties due to its low co-humulone content and resembles Tettnanger. Spalt has abundance in all of the essential oils including farnesene which is barely traceable in many hop varieties. The lupulin from Spalt is a pale yellow, and overall the cone provides a signature aroma of zesty spice that is temperate and not overbearing. It is suitable throughout the boil and for dry-hopping German strongholds including Kolsch, Alts, Bocks, and the styles mentioned above.

Spalt hops is only grown in the Spalt, Germany region, and in limited quality. Its available on the markets, and is a part of beers found around the world. The small tight cones are harvested early to mid season after a vigorous growing cycle. Spalt Hops is tolerant to verticillium wilt as well as downy mildew which gives it a leg up in today's day and age of hop horticulture.