Wheat was another victim of the German Purity laws of 1516, but was allowed back into the pallets of mankind in the country years later. It shares a common history to Barley in that it was originally wild strains that grew in the middle east thousands of years ago. Through time and hybridisation, we arrive at the strains that we have today. Strains that are an extremely important food source for the planet, and an important source for tasty beers.

Wheat in Brewing Beer

Wheat is used in the same ways as barley in producing beer. It can be found in unprocessed grain, malted grain, and in syrup and dry extract. It has different qualities in its fermentable sugars that alter the quantity of grains for the recipies as well as the mash temperatures used during the brewing process.

Another significant difference is the interaction between the sugars and the yeast. Specialty yeast strains have been developed specifically for wheat beers that produce a rich and flavorful profile. The marriage between these ingredients creates a special interaction that cannot happen with other ingredients.