Origin and Description

Zeus Hops, although genetically different from other varietals, gets shuffled into the CTZ group of Hops. CTZ Hops stands for Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus. There is a brief history time line involving different hop growers with the same or similar hops varieties. They each got their own name, as can be seen, however they emerged back into simply CTZ in their after life. Don't let the grouping slow down your impulse to brew some beer with Zeus, as it is simply amazing.

After the merging of the brands it was later discovered that Zeus Hops was in fact a separate variety through gas chromatography. Even still, Zeus' brewing characteristics are so bitterly close that it makes sense to simply move forward with CTZ as the revised brand name. HUSE-CEZ, LLC is the resulting joint venture that manages the trademark for this variety.

All of the information you need for Zues hops can be found on the Columbus Hops Page.